About the lost machine

If you need to continue to use our Hicloud/Azure services, please submit a service ticket for a new machine after the loss of connection, we will move you to a new account to re-open the new Hicloud/Azure server, your IP and data will be lost after the replacement If you do not want to continue to use the service, you can submit a ticket order for a refund of the service, we will refund you according to the remaining hours


1. Please do not install the system or reinstall the network by yourself

2. Do not change the system kernel, install BBRPLUS and other acceleration

3. Please do not empty the iptables policy

The above operation may lead to the loss of your machine, if your machine due to the above mistakes caused by the loss, we do not deal with the solution / compensation for new machines / refund

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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